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What is the over-view of the process? Is it really that easy?

All of our growing mediums are carefully prepared and pressure sterilized. We do the hard part and all you need to do is add spores! For most kits, simply set up your kit as an incubator for the first step, Inject your favorite spores into each jar, watch them quickly colonize, remove from the jars, adjust the heat to fruiting temperature and place each jar into the grow chamber and watch the mushrooms grow. Almost everything in the kit can be re-used so you can keep growing. You'll typically have your first harvest in 4 weeks!

Why should you choose Midwest Grow Kits for your mushroom growing needs?

There are many reasons you should consider Midwest Grow Kits for your mycology needs. Midwest Grow Kits has been selling mushroom growing supplies online for over 10 years. Starting on Ebay in 2004, we have grown and perfected the shroom growing process over the years. We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service and our growing support is the absolute best in the industry. We have recently expanded our facility and now offer wholesale pricing on all our grow kits so rest assured you are getting the most for your money

Is shipping and billing discreet?

Yes! We take the time to make sure your kit and supplies are packaged discreetly. Your credit card statement will show "Midwest Organics LLC" All kits and supplies are shipped in plain brown boxes with tamper proof tape with return address from "MGK Shipping Center

What if I have growing questions along the way?

We offer Live chat after hours, telephone support, 24/7 email support and many of our team have over 20 years of mushroom growing experience to share with you and help you with any questions or concerns you may have! Unlike other sites our customer service team has actual mushroom growing experience and can help you right away. Please call us with any growing questions you may have! (800) 921-4717

What is the difference between growing in Jars and Spawn Bags?

Growing in jars has always been the easiest way to grow mushrooms. Recently, growing in spawn bags has become just as popular. We usually recommend starting your growing experience with jars because they colonize faster and produce mushrooms quicker. Spawn Bags take longer to colonize, but can produce larger flushes or growth cycles. Spawn bags can be grown with jars in any kit and are the preferred way for growing in bulk. This more advanced method of growing allows you to break up your fully colonized spawn bag and mix it with a variety of different soil type materials to expand your grow. We now offer pre-mixed casing and Bulk Kits that make it easier than ever! If you are a first time grower and want to grow spawn bags we recommend a mix of jars and spawn bags. You can incubate your spawn bags right next to your jars and since jars will be ready first this will allow you time to practice while your spawn bags finish colonizing.

Do you sell spores?

We do not sell spores. We specialize in the growing mediums. Spore companies specialize in producing spores. Each kit requires a spore syringe to use. Every jar requires a little less than 1cc of spore solution each. Each Spawn Bag requires 3-5 cc's of spore solution each. Spore syringes are typically sold in 10cc syringes. For example, 12 substrate jars would only require one spore syringe to use.

There are hundreds of websites specializing in spores. Some are great, some are good and some are bad. We have received countless reports and reviews from our customers over the years and will be more than happy to share that with you. Please contact us if you would like a full list of our recommended sites and sites to avoid!

We can proudly recommend these sites as some of the best in the business. has been around for 15+ years and offers a widest range of mushroom spores, only the best quality and always top reviewed for years.

We also recommend they have high quality spore syringes, great customer service, some rare varieties and an easy to use website and checkout process..

How much spores do I need for each kit?

Almost all spore syringes are sold in 10cc units. Typically each jar requires around 0.75-1.5 cc’s of spore solution. Each Spawn Bag requires 3-5 CC’s per bag. Spores last 6 months or longer stored at room temperature. Many people like to grow different strains in the same kit. This is perfectly fine as long as they require the same growing temperatures. Do not mix strains in the same jar or spawn bag.

Quick reference chart on how many spore syringes you need.

Simple Kit or 6 jars 1 Spore Syringe (with leftovers)
Ultimate Kit or 12 Jars 1 spore syringe
Mega Kit or 18 Jars 2 spore syringes (with leftovers)
1 order of Spawn Bags 1 spore syringe
2 orders of spawn Bags 2 spore syringes
24 Jars 2 spore syringes

What is Bulk Growing or Bulk casing?

Growing in Bulk is generally referred to as the process of using your fully colonized spawn bags or even jars to mix with a layer of mushroom friendly soil (Coir, vermiculite, Peat moss, etc..) Mushroom casing serves many purposes in bulk growing. It provides a medium to grow into, stimulates the formation of mushrooms, provides moisture and protects the substrate from drying out from the air. This advanced growing method is now perfect for beginners. Our Premium Select Casing Mix & Bulk kits make growing in bulk much easier!

How long does it take to grow?

With most of our kits it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the mushrooms to incubate or colonize the jar. You will typically see your first batch of mushrooms in the 4th or 5th week. They will continue to grow for an additional 4-5 weeks with one "flush" or batch per week on average.

Where can I access the video grow guide or the kit setup directions?

When you place an order, you will receive an email order confirmation and a second email containing the link to our Video mushroom growing guide. Please make sure you enter your correct email address at checkout in order to receive your guide. When you receive your order it will contain tips and setup instructions specific to your kit or spawn bags.

Every kit includes access to our easy detailed photo step by step video mushroom growing guide, which includes everything from start to finish. We also include tons of our personal tips and tricks to get the absolute most from your kit! Includes, growing, casing methods, re-hydrating techniques, quick drying technique and more! If you’ve purchased a larger kit or spawn bags, don’t forget to download and view your separate detailed setup guide so you know exactly what each part does and where it goes. Make sure you look for the postcard in your kit!

Do you accept Pre-Paid Visa/MC/Amex Gift Cards?

Yes, we accept 99% of all Pre-paid Visa/MC/Amex gift cards. Please make sure your gift-card is registered for online use. Some cards require you to call or go online and activate the card prior to using online. If you are using multiple gift cards please call us to place your order. If you are having issues using a gift card please call us and we can enter it manually.

What are the shipping costs & services available?

Currently we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 to the continental United States and discounted shipping rates on all other orders! We ship using UPS Ground & UPS SurePost from our Chicagoland location. All packages are fully insured and discreetly labeled. All shipping costs and options can be viewed at checkout. Shipping costs to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and the rest of the world are calculated based on weight at checkout.

UPS SurePost - This service from UPS & USPS takes anywhere from 3-8 days for delivery depending on your location, it is fully trackable and final delivery is made by the post office. We can ship to any address you get mail including PO boxes with this service.

UPS Ground - This is the reliable guaranteed date delivery service by UPS and delivery times are 1-5 days Monday through Friday.

UPS EXPRESS 3-Day Select - This express air service delivers your package in 3 business days. When choosing this option your order will also receive expedited processing!

UPS EXPRESS 2-Day Air - This express air service offers guaranteed 2-Day service and delivers the 2nd business day. When choosing this option your order will also receive expedited processing!

To learn more about shipping to UPS Access Points for easy pick up please visit UPS here:

How long until I receive my order?

All of our growing mediums are prepared fresh in the morning and shipped the same day. We ship Monday-Friday from our newly expanded shipping center in Chicago, IL. After placing your order typically your order will ship out within 48 hours. Please allow extra time for large orders or orders containing multiple orders of spawn bags. Depending on what shipping method you choose your order will be received within 2-8 days, based on your location.

I need my order fast, do you offer expedited service?

All orders placed with UPS Express Shipping options include expedited processing and are shipped the next business day when possible

How do I track my order?

All tracking numbers are uploaded in our system usually within 1-2 business days after placing your order. You can check your order's progress by clicking the "order tracking" button on the top of the home page or click here

Where can I find fully colonized mushroom kits and other cultivation supplies?

Visit our sister website where we sell ready to grow gourmet mushroom kits and other cultivation supplies, substrates and more!

Do you accept orders by mail?

Yes! We give our customers a $5.00 discount on all mail orders. We save the money Paypal and Credit card companies charge us so we pass along the savings to you! You can mail in your order with cash, bank check or money order. Please include all the order details including shipping address and your email address so we can let you know the status of your order along with shipping information.

We recommend printing this mail order form and send it in with your payment.

Send to:
Midwest Organics LLC
1320 Chase St
Ste #5
Algonquin, IL 60102

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we ship to PO boxes using UPS SurePost. If you want faster service to your PO box using Priority Mail, please contact us or call our customer service to place your order. We can get you the exact costs for your order.

Do you Ship to Canada? Alaska, Hawaii and rest of the world?

Yes, please use USPS Priority Mail at checkout for Alaska and Hawaii. Our Free shipping promotion does not apply to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Please use USPS Priority Mail for those States and the rest of the world.

Can I pick up an order from your location”?

Yes, If you are from the Chicago-land area and would like to pick up your order from our production center, please call us to place your order. Most orders will be ready for pick up within 24/48 hours.

Our office and showroom hours are 10am-5pm Mon-Fri and weekend by appointment only.

We are located at:
1320 Chase St
Ste #5
Algonquin, IL 60102

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