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Portable UV-C Light Sterilizer
Portable UV-C Light Sterilizer

Professional Laboratory technology is now available in a portable handheld device that emits a specialized UV-C light that kills 99.99% of all bacteria, mold, viruses, and germs in one scan. We’ve tested many UV sterilizers and have found this portable device operating at 254.3nm extremely effective and safe for use in mycology.

UV Sterilization offers another layer of protection against contamination. The UV-C light penetrates and destroys the DNA of thin walled germs like mold, bacteria and viruses but is safe on mushroom spores, cultures and the growing mycelium. There are countless uses for this technology for indoor mushroom growing.

Some examples include:
  • Sterilizing the surfaces of your work area prior to spore inoculation
  • Add second sterilizing method to spore syringe needles during inoculation.
  • Sterilizing injection sites on spawn bags prior to inoculation.
  • Stop many strains of mold and 99.9% of bacteria from spreading in your fruiting chamber.
  • Sterilize spore prints while making your own spore syringes.
  • Small enough to use inside a glove-box.
  • Keep damp perlite sanitized in between flushes.
  • Has been shown to save cakes that have small mold spots growing.
  • Many more uses outside the mushroom world!
    • Sanitize your cell phone, Kitchen counters, Utensils, bathrooms, toothbrushes, desktops, computer keyboard & many more!
The 15.25” long, built in safety switch, adjustable timer settings, built in safety features include auto-off when tilted upward for additional eye protection. Instructions and additional guide on how to use properly during the mushroom growing process are included. Requires 4AA batteries (not included).


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Premium Liquid Culture Kit - Easy Spore Germinating & Mushroom Cloning System

Premium Liquid Culture Kit
Midwest's Premium Liquid Culture Kit saves you time and money on any larger growing project. Turn one spore syringe into 10 or more! Simply inject 5 cc's of your favorite spores in the culture jar and watch it transform into liquid mycelium. In a few days it will be ready to inject into any substrate jar or spawn bag.

How it works

Our proprietary blend of sugars and fermented grain proteins provide the perfect liquid environment for mushroom spores to germinate and turn into liquid mycelium (the first stage of mushroom growing). Simply inject 5cc’s of your favorite spores into the jar, incubate at 80-85 degrees for 4-5 days and a white cloud of mycelium will start to form. Stir the jar using the included magnet and magnetic mixing bar to break up the mycelium. Insert the large 50cc syringe back into the jar and fill it up. Now you are ready to inoculate a large quantity of substrate jars or spawn bags! Once the jar is full of mycelium it can be stored in the fridge for up to 30 days and used as needed!

The Kit includes:

  • 10 ounce Jar of liquid culture solution, pressure sterilized and ready to use
  • 4% Proprietary blend of Distilled water, Dextrose (Glucose), Extra Light Malt Extract & Peptone.
  • High density .02 micron Tyvek filter disk
  • Self-healing injection port
  • Mixing bar
  • High power magnet for stirring
  • Large 50cc/ml Syringe with Luer Lock
  • 16 gauge needle
  • Isopropyl Alcohol swabs
  • Detailed instructions & tips for beginners and first time growers.
  • Each jar can be used to inoculate up to 42 half pint substrate jars or 12 spawn bags!


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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (Medical/Food Grade) 4oz
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (Medical/Food Grade) - 4oz
Hydrogen Peroxide has always been a multi-purpose product used in many facets of the mushroom growing process. Its broad disinfectant properties and clean breakdown into water and oxygen make it the ideal choice for any mushroom enthusiast to have on hand.

All over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide sold is diluted to only 3%. One 4oz bottle of our 35% Medical/Food grade concentrate contains the equivalent of 8 regular bottles! With many uses at different concentration levels, Peroxide 35% gives you the option to use full strength or dilute with water to create the perfect concentrate for each task. Included with each bottle is a detailed guide on all the popular uses and how to easily dilute to achieve the desired concentration level.

Just a few of Hydrogen Peroxide’s uses in mushroom cultivation

  • When using Perlite during the growing (fruiting) stage, add weekly to your moist Perlite to keep it clean and free from any bacteria or mold growth.
  • Safely destroy Cobweb mold from any fruiting jar or bulk casing grow.
  • Add a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% and instantly add much needed oxygen to any fruiting chamber to boost any grow! Peroxide slowly breaks down into pure water and oxygen

Each 4oz bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% comes with:

  • Thick Heavy Duty light sensitive glass amber bottle
  • Rubber Dropper for pinpoint application
  • Latex gloves for safe handling
  • Instruction Guide with our expert tips on the many uses.


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Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit
Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit
This kit includes everything you need to dry a large amount of mushrooms perfectly. There is no better way to prepare your mushrooms for storage than to dry them the right way without the use of heat. Our Jumbo Drying Kit is easy to use and combines two of the best desiccants we have tested for drying mushrooms. We recommend our Jumbo Drying kit for anyone growing 18 Jars or more, two or more spawn bags or any bulk grow.

This kit includes:
  • Clear 16 Quart Container ( 3X size of the Standard Drying Kit)
  • Mesh 0.5 mm separation Screen
  • Removable perforated drying tray
  • 10 oz. of Calcium Chloride Desiccant
  • 10 oz. of Silica Gel Desiccant with color changing crystals
  • Easy to follow instructions
To re-use the kit simply bake the desiccant at 250 degrees for 60 minutes in the oven!


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Easy Mushroom Drying Kit
Easy Mushroom Drying Kit
This kit includes everything you need to dry your mushrooms perfectly! There is no better way to prepare them for storage than to dry and preserve them the right way. Our Easy Drying kit combines two of the best desiccants we have tested for drying mushrooms. Guaranteed perfect results every time even in the most humid climates! This drying kit can be used over and over! Dry pounds!

This kit includes:
  • Clear 6.5 Quart Container
  • Mesh 0.5 mm separation screen
  • 10 oz of Calcium Chloride Desiccant
  • 4 oz of Sicilia Gel Desiccant with color changing crystals
To re-use the kit simply bake the desiccant at 250 degrees for 60 minutes in the oven and let cool briefly and they will be ready for use again!


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Alcohol Lamp Inoculation Bundle
Alcohol Lamp Inoculation Bundle

Flame sterilizing your spore syringe needle is a requirement when injecting spores into your substrate jars and spawn bags. Regular lighters contain butane which can leave black soot and cause the substrate to cling to the needle while inoculating. While regular lighters are suitable for a few jars or spawn bags, alcohol lamps with denatured alcohol burn hot and are the ideal choice for sterilizing larger quantities of substrate. (12 Jars+ or 4+ Spawn Bags)

This unique portable and durable alcohol lamp comes equipped with 2 ounces of clean burning denatured Alcohol and 4 premium metal reinforced wicks.

  • Premium Iodized Aluminum Lamp
  • Rubber gasket prevents leakage
  • Vent hole for proper air/gas exchange
  • 2 oz (60ml) of premium denatured alcohol
  • 6-7 hours of burn time
  • 4 premium cotton/wire mesh wicks
  • Instruction guide

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Coir is one of the best bulk mediums to grow mushrooms in. It's naturally resistant to mold and bacteria and mushrooms absolutely love it. When wet it expands to over 2.5 cubic feet. There are many different brands, styles and textures of coir sold for many different uses. We have hand selected Coco Coir, the best producing variety and brand available for growing mushrooms.

1 brick (650 grams) of Premium Coco Coir - $10

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Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System
Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System
Hygrolid system is the perfect storage solution for your dried mushrooms. Most of our customers end up growing much more than they can consume! There has always been a question on what is the best way to store dried mushrooms so they do not go bad. Our Hygrolid system is the answer!

The Hygrolid system:
  • Protects against mold
  • Prevents over/under drying
  • Monitors the crucial final stages of drying
  • Measures Relative Humidity (RH) in wide-mouth canning jars
  • Built with stainless steel, assembled with food grade materials
Typically the shelf life of dried mushrooms is 3-6 months. The Hygrolid system dries, cures and stores your mushrooms at top flavor/potency for a year or longer!

Midwest Grow Kit's Hygrolid system comes complete with 1 Hygrolid, 1 Quart storage jar (store up to 20 ounces of dried mushrooms) and 2 silica drying packs.

Our Hygrolid system can also be used to store Spore Prints, Herbs, Spices, Tea, Tobacco, Cigars and much more!


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Digital Electronic Gram Scale
Digital Electronic Gram Scale
An essential to any hobbiest or chef, this extremely accurate digital gram scale weighs in measurements from 0.1 grams - 500 grams in a variety of measuring units. (Gram, carat, grain, pennyweight, etc.) It comes tested and pre-calibrated for immediate use.

We've tried and texted many models and found the most accurate and reliable model. This scale comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

  • 0.1g - 500g
  • Multiple weighing modes with tare function
  • The scale operates with two AAA batteries (not included).
  • LCD display with blue back-light
  • Over-load indicator.
  • Protective cover included
  • Auto off feature
  • Tested and pre-calibrated, ready to use.

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1 gallon Perlite 1 Gallon Bag of Perlite - $5

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2 gallons Perlite 2 Gallon Bag of Perlite - $8

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3 gallosn Perlite 3 Gallon Bag of Perlite - $10

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1 Gallon Vermiculite 1 Gallon Bag of Vermiculite - $5

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2 Gallons Vermiculite 2 Gallon Bag of Vermiculite - $8

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3 Gallons Vermiculite 3 Gallon Bag of Vermiculite - $10

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We also sell replacements for many of the items in our kits. Please call or email us for pricing

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